4 Days from Errachidia to Fes

Embark on a 4-day journey from the palm-filled city of Errachidia to the ancient, cultural heart of Fes, with a significant detour through the stunning Sahara Desert near Merzouga. This tour offers an immersive experience into Morocco’s diverse landscapes and rich history. Here’s a guide to make the most of this adventure.

Day 1: Errachidia to Merzouga – Entering the Sahara

Begin your journey in Errachidia, a city surrounded by beautiful palm groves and known as a gateway to the Sahara. Travel towards Merzouga, the doorstep to the impressive Erg Chebbi dunes, some of the most spectacular in the Sahara.

Upon arrival in Merzouga, experience the tranquility and vastness of the desert. Embark on a camel trek through the dunes to witness a breathtaking sunset. Spend the night in a desert camp under the stars, enjoying traditional Berber hospitality, complete with local music and cuisine.

Day 2: Explore Merzouga and Surroundings

Wake up to a stunning sunrise over the dunes. After breakfast, spend the day exploring the area around Merzouga. Visit the village of Khamlia to enjoy Gnawa music, a unique form of rhythmic music with West African roots. Alternatively, take a 4×4 excursion to explore the desert further, visiting nomadic families or the fossil beds.

In the afternoon, explore the Rissani market, known for its traditional souks and historical significance as a major trading post. Spend another night in the desert camp, taking the opportunity to relax and soak in the serene desert atmosphere.

Day 3: Merzouga to Midelt – Transition from Desert to Mountains

After enjoying the desert sunrise, begin your journey to Midelt. This drive takes you through varied landscapes, transitioning from the stark beauty of the Sahara to the lush greenery of the Middle Atlas mountains. Midelt, located between the Middle and High Atlas ranges, offers a blend of cultures and a chance to experience a different aspect of Moroccan life. Spend the night in Midelt, enjoying the cooler mountain air and peaceful environment.

Day 4: Midelt to Fes – Arrival in the Cultural Heartland

On the final day, travel from Midelt to Fes. The route offers stunning views of the Atlas Mountains and passes through several traditional Berber villages. Arriving in Fes, delve into the ancient medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the intricate alleyways, visit the famous tanneries, and see landmarks like the Bou Inania Madrasa and the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University. Fes’s medina is a living museum of medieval architecture, vibrant markets, and rich artisanal crafts.

This 4-day trip from Errachidia to Fes via Merzouga provides a comprehensive experience of Morocco’s contrasts, from the serene dunes of the Sahara to the bustling streets of one of its most historic cities. It’s an adventure filled with stunning natural landscapes, cultural insights, and unforgettable memories.

Tour Included :

– Tour in 4×4 vehicle/Minibus with A/C
– Driver/guide
– Fuel
– Hotel/riad overnight stays (breakfast & dinner included)
– Camel Trekking & Night in Desert
– Camel Per person
– Turban each for the Camel trip in Desert
– Sandboarding in The Dunes

Not included :

– Flight
– Lunchs
– Drinks

From €1,230 / per person


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We came from Taiwan. we are so lucky to choose Tamlalt Tours. Our driver Hassan neither hesitate help us in everything. He took us to everywhere if we want to go. And help us to solve the problem of accommodation in Tangier. I'd recommend this company to anyone travelling to Morocco. and thank you so much ~Hassan

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We came all the way from mexico, and would love to do it again!!! I cannot thank enough Brahim for everything he did for us! Ali drove us all the way from Marrakech to the desert for two days, making several stops , visiting amazing little towns and beautiful sceneries, like the Dades Gorges, this little town called Ait Benhaddou and more! Ali was very nice to us all the time,

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Our driver, Ali, came to our hotel in Marrakech to pick us up. After that we drove through Atlas to Ait Ben Haddou then Dades gorges. Next day, we visited Toudra gorges and Merzouga, where we enjoyed an marvelous sunshine on the top of a dune and a camel trek.

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